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February 2011

Is Your Electrical Panel Out of Date?

If your house was built over 30 years ago, you probably need to have your electric box checked for defects.
A number of electrical fires in Maryland and DC were caused by out-dated electrical boxes. 
You can count on The McGill Group, LLC and our Master Electricians for:
• Electrical upgrades and repairs
• Interior and exterior wiring
• Meter, phone, cable and TV
• Power outages
• Service upgrades
• Short circuits
• Temporary electricity
• Electrical demolition
• Generator installation
• Emergency service

Is Your Home Prepared for Spring?

The summer months bring outdoor fun and sun!  Barbecue's, outdoor games, social gatherings, and much more....
Start now preparing your home for outdoor living this summer.  Do you want to add a sun-room or a new deck?  How about upgrading your existing patio or building a new patio?  Now is the time to get started. 
Call us and we will assist in planning and completing your new project!  We look forward to hearing from you. Take care.

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Valentine's Day is bringing some nicer weather with it!  Enjoy lover's day and enjoy the nice weather everyone!!!

How to Prevent Termites From Entering Your Home

First, here are some of the conditions that attract termites to your home:
Soil: Most termites are subterranean, meaning that they build their colonies in the ground. They love the soil and build elaborate tunnel systems, called galleries, extending up to three feet below the surface. Termites will often use this versatile building material to create mud tubes leading from their underground colonies to above ground food sources, like the wood in your home.
Wood: Termites will consume any material that contains cellulose, and since wood contains a great deal of cellulose, termites devour wood voraciously.

List of Our Services

List of Home Improvement Services
Lately I've been receiving feedback from people saying things like; "only if I'd known your company did that", or "I thought your company specialized in roofing only".
Well I'm going to set the record straight with a few bullet points of the types of services we offer:
  • Roofing: Full replacement and repair.
  • Attic fans
  • Gutters: Replace and repair.
  • Window replacement.
  • Shutter replacement.
  • Vinyl wrapping (outside window frame, fascia, and columns)

Snow and Ice Damage

Damaged roofs, gutters and soffit can cause water to leak into your house through window frames.  After repairing or replacing your roofs, gutters, and windows, you will also need to to be sure the right brand of caulk is used on the outside window frames to prevent water from entering into your home. 
Call us now for your free estimate!!!